Author Topic: Satan Mobile: 1977 Turbo Pinto - Potential TST use vehicle (Old Project)  (Read 1105 times)

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I just shot Malcom an email on this but figured why not just post it here?   He/anyone doesn't endorse/support this either way yet.

I haven't touched this car in 11 years or could ever sell it for what I'd think it's worth.  It's specs are as follows:

  • 1977 Ford Pinto
  • ~20k miles on body, was originally grey.  Red interior is original
  • Turbocharged 2.3L inline 4 cylinder out of a Mustang SVO (Turbo Coup Computer, intercooler (i think))
  • Ford 9" "holy grail" rear axle out of a Lincoln Versailles (only ford 9" to come with stock rear disc brakes), came from Warhoops (now closed) in about 2004:
  • Custom Gauge cluser made by Oakland Technical Center (Royal Oak) campus ~2003-3004 as a student project
  • Still has the original C3 transmission limiting it's performance rather heavily  >:(

It's in Ferndale rotting not doing anyone any good:

The "highway to heaven" is a family members vehicle. Would someone want to turn the Turbo Pinto into its contrast? Pending cost I could help fund or fund in part? Just tossing this out there for ideas. It should still run/drive, motor not ceased), only has about 20k (yes 20k) miles on it, ford 9" Lincoln Versailles rear axle (4 wheel disc brakes) w/ 4.11 gears. It needs the transmission swapped to a C4 or T5 (I have a C4 with the correct bell housing), and paint. Currently it has the weak C3 so it doesn't do better than 13 on 1/4 mile runs at Milan. With the C4 it can run 9's but I don't want anyone using it for that unless promotional.

Could the TST Detroit chapter use it for publicity for a while? Maybe turn it into a Satan mobile?  It'd be amazing to see the cars side by side in a photo.  Perhaps ultimately it wouldn't be "just" a chapter/regional car but... just a thought?

This is my project in Chicago (one of two):

  • Westcoaster Mailster (old mail delivery vehicle, STREET LEGAL)
  • Eventually will be small Vtwin Diesel powered
  • Eventually will have a verticle tractor style exhaust with flapper
  • Eventually will say "HAIL SATAN" in sloppy letters on the side
  • Eventually will tow around a 200-300 lb pig

I'll sneak this in here... I'm thinking welding a pill style dirty looking grill on the side to make it look like while hauling around the pig it's going to a family BBQ.


be sure to help on the wikiproject too:

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