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Hello From Northern California!
« on: April 27, 2017, 12:34:19 AM »
   Hello everyone! I'm Amy and I live is Northern California. I am a student at the moment, aspiring to become a surgeon one day. I was first introduced to Satanism when I was twelve years old, and it immediately sparked my interest. As I was relatively young at that time, I was unable to carry forward my interest in Satanism because of potential familial issues and academics.
   A few years after that, I got involved in Islam, through a "friend" of mine. At that time, I was not entirely sure why I "reverted" to Islam, but looking back, I think I was driven by my urge to feel accepted and understood. Those years I spent in that religion helped me learn about who I was actually, and how I should not be afraid to think differently from others. I had learned that acceptance by society usually came along with loss of individuality. Well, those years of my life have created way too many terrible memories for me, but I'm glad I could finally get in touch with myself.
   Fast forward to the present, I am here now, willing to pursue Satanism with all my heart, making twelve year old Amy proud. I'm glad I became a part of this forum, and I hope to converse and connect with you all. I shared all that background information, just in hope that I might be able to help out anyone who might be going through something similar.
I'm truly looking forward to interacting with you all, so that we can grow together as a group!
Hail Satan!
Postscript: I am not bashing Islam in any way, I just wanted to share my experience with it. There are many good Muslims out there, but I unfortunately became aquainted with the few bad ones. I am not condoning any kind of Anti-Muslim rhetoric.