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Moving out of state
« on: April 04, 2017, 01:05:57 AM »
Hello everyone, I am Jason. Me and my wife have been together since high school (1998) and allot of extremely negative things have taken place in that span of time, I am type 1 Diabetic and was blinded by a large rare brain tumor in 09' (among life's more typical obstacles) and she has been my reason to live and means everything to me. I would not be alive if not for her.....literally, dead. Instances of her getting me juice when my blood sugar got down to dangerous lows and later when I just couldn't take being destroyed the way I was after losing (what felt/feels like) was my life in terms of doing all the things I felt born to do and that just took me to dark places that if not for her, I researched it WAY to far in depth into self deliverance and thus know what to do that isn't a bloody horrific mess, but I digress. Long story short, we have decided to leave the state she was born in and we will be moving to where I was born in Colorado. Naturally her family is saddened that she will be leaving as is mine but I only KNOW this is the right move because I felt the change in my attitude towards life (and in as fucked up a way as this is going to sound) it was what I guess what religious people would see as "a religious experience". Whatever the hell it was it's changed my outlook on my life in a positive way! I have MYSELF! HAIL SATAN! I've always been into the type of music that supports this way of living one's life but it never really effected me the way it has as of late. It pushed me to just go where I knew I was supposed to. I decided we shall leave this state for another and live out our lives as happy as we can. Thanks to Satanism I have found the strength and courage to believe in myself and create for myself the life I know I can have. My question I guess is should I proclaim my recent "epiphany" and thank Satanism to people who may not understand what that means or just pretend I didn't just wake up from a living nightmare? Thanks for anyone who read my dribble lol. 


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Re: Moving out of state
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2017, 11:53:30 PM »
The thing about proclaiming Satanism publicly is that you can expect people to object to that, sometimes even aggressively.  I choose to live in a city where basically nobody cares about this sort of thing, but not everyone has that luxury.  So you need to take into account how comfortable you are with defending your beliefs against people who will attack you for them.  If the town you're moving to has a TST chapter, then you can join with them and use that time to share your appreciation for this way of thinking.  If there isn't a local chapter, then you could advertise to hold get-togethers at a local pub for people who share your interest.
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