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Hello from Atlanta
« on: March 31, 2017, 01:22:27 PM »
A Big Hello To All, my name is TallCrazyDreadLady.
i am very TALL. i live in the bible belt which makes me a little CRAZY. i have long DREADs past my ass which makes people very uncomfortable...especially black christians. many people around me think that i am trash but i am truly a LADY.

i was pumping gas and this lady approached me with a pamphlet about johova or jesus or some glazy-eyed-religious shit....i said "no thank-you and smiled....she kept comin with that pamphlet with clouds and crosses all over it.....i said "no thank-you and half-smiled.......she then crumpled up the pamphlet and threw it in the back of my pick-up truck and yelled at me "YA LOOK LIKE YA NEED JESUS IN YA LIFE".
i was done, i was on fire......but i didn't bother her, i just got in my pick-up and got a huge tattoo of a skull with RED eyes right above the crack of my ass. now when "they" come towards me, i turn and flash 'em.

i did some research and here i am. just wanted to say hello to all here and i look foward to being active......especially out here in the streets.


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Re: Hello from Atlanta
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2017, 06:58:09 PM »

Im from Birmingham, AL and since you might be the closest to a fellow TST around this part of the US greetings to you.

Any chapters forming in Atlanta?