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« on: January 17, 2017, 08:16:22 PM »
This is something I wrote many years ago. While I still feel the same about a lot of it my views have changed slightly.

Apotheosis. The ascension of man to god-like stature. Such a belief can be considered as blasphemous by many religions, but is it so hard to see that man is reaching this state in his evolution. Just look at some of the things gods are typically known for. Gods are master of life and death, creating and taking at their will. Gods can rain fire from the sky and destroy entire cities. Gods can cure illness and cause it. Changing the biological makeup of a substance can be seen as an act of divinity. All of these man is already capable of and many more examples, but you get the idea. One of the reasons you might oppose this thought is that it is going against the 10 commandments to claim status as a god. To you I say we were created in gods image so isn't it our right take on some of us duties? Is it not often the case the offspring you create pick up your habits and traits? I don't feed to much into the religious aspect though because it just starts alot of arguments with close minded people. But without a religious view doesn't that make even the term apotheosis irrelevant? In a way yes but its the fact that religion does exist and the evolution of man can be compared to it that it makes the usage of the term relevant in my eyes. Think of how fast modern science is developing. It not unrealistic to believe that eventually we will have full understanding and mastery of the workings of the human body and mind. With this knowledge we would be able to perform feats that previously were viewed as impossible. Imagine if you will, you were to head back in time. You took some form of modern technology with you. Say a solar powered light. You showed this to a much more primitive form of man. Its not unrealistic to believe that they would view you as a god. Right there is apotheosis. Now something as simple as that but look at how far advanced we are now. Also imagine there is a sentient form of life out there so far advanced beyond us we can comprehend the advances they made and evolution's they have gone through. It is very likely, especially with humankind's need to place divinity into things it doesn't understand, that beings at that level would be mistaken for gods. Believe what you like and don't see this as me trying to denounce anyone's religion. I think its good to have faith in something. I just choose to put my faith into something I can see. The advances of mankind.

Sorry for any grammatical errors, I was feeling far to lazy to do any proofreading on it after copying it here. I believe apotheosis is evident most of all in the creation of artificial intelligence. If it continues on its current path mankind will actually create a new form of life. Is there anything more godlike?
When it comes to the term godlike and my beliefs now, that is just a descriptive word, nothing more.
My belief of anything supernatural, spiritual, or otherwise directly correlates to whether or not it can be explained through scientific methods.