Author Topic: Why must the U.S. and Europe soon accept millions of refugees? Let's find out!  (Read 277 times)


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                        Believe it or not, the recent migrant crisis has nothing to do with "tolerance" and "humanitarianism." It has everything to do with, perhaps you've guessed already - MONEY (pretty much the root of all evil, remember? And yes, I am aware that idea's from the Bible, but it did have SOME good ideas, didn't it? like not killing and stealing?). The capitalist pigs (hint-they go by other names ;)) need two things to keep making their money and profiting at the expense of the health of innocent civilians and the environment - scapegoats (you know, us "evil white devils") upon whom to deflect their own blame, and new territories (i.e. China, India, Japan) to pollute, rape, industrialize, and capitalize upon. I wonder why India, China and Japan, the former two being HUGE countries, aren't allowing these FLOODS of refugees into their countries? Could it be because the wrong people would be scapegoated for causing all this environmental damage in the first place? Could it be because THEY wouldn't be able to financially gain from the economic fallout that would result from nations so over-run with immigrants that the over-industrialization and environmentally detrimental pollution (radiation, smog, barely breathable air, toxic rivers and oceans) would make those nations no longer financially viable? Do you think the communist Chinese could care less about how they're destroying their (and our) environment? Oh Vey! I think we may be onto something here! I encourage you to research the damage THEY have caused to the environments in these countries who are NOT accepting refugees, and compare it to the still significant, although markedly less damage done overall, in Europe and North America. 

                     The capitalist pigs, of course, are no strangers to this kind of deception; remember the Endangered Species Act? It sounded so nice on paper, didn't it? "We're the government, and we really care about ensuring the survival of these precious creatures, to the point that we will impose strict laws that protect them." But what were they really protecting? I encourage you to research how this law was actually implemented, and how THEY used it as a front to protect what they were really after all along -- vast expanses of land and the rights to control it (i.e. profit from it; that is what they're good at...). As precious as the environment is however, it could be argued that people are even more so, and I wonder what will be the by-product of the imminent flood of immigrants and refugees into OUR homelands other than the slow but systematic genocide of the white race, both here and in Europe abroad, through the subtle, but no less effective, methods of forced "tolerance" (an oxymoron, I wonder how that's going to turn out?) race/culture shaming (of whites), and the inevitable chaos and violence that will take place when there are simply too many people of different cultures and traditions living in the same confined spaces. Make no mistake, white genocide is their end goal, and what we are seeing today in the liberal media (run by THEM, of course) about being "politically correct," "inoffensive to Every-one," shameful of our culture and heritage (only if we're white of course), and apologetic for crimes that we had nothing to do with, is only the beginning. You have been warned.