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Chapter Forming - Feedback from National Council
« on: September 10, 2016, 08:38:59 AM »
We're unofficially but officially...  known to be starting this chapter as of meow ~9/2016.  I think what the national council wants is to have a strong demon-stration that the people are serious about this.  I've been in the application process for what i think is over a year now and getting feedback a gray "go".

I've started a Facebook Group (working on Graphics) here:

I'd rally there for now.  Also there's a couple other spots i'm recruiting and admin.

The national org is really pushing for the Satanic after school programs.  I wouldn't think this is an "inaugural event" but there's that and I've been (even outside of TST) having a "Mark of the Beast" party as a few months ago i bought about 400 injectable RFID's (and have one in my hand). 

The idea is such an event cause does need to root in TST tenets.


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I'm ALSO LOOKING FOR ROOMMATES.  RENT IS CHEAP at at Western and Chicago in a desirable spot.  If you don't know or heard of it, I'm THIS GUY and have had this out for months.  Oh... the mess... the mess...

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