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FL Lionfish Hunting
« on: May 06, 2016, 09:16:29 PM »
I'm sorry I'm always so late at giving notice of things. I'm terrible at schedules.
Most have Human Rights Issues on the brain right now, but how about taking a breather from the agitated air in exchange for some gills for an environmental cause down in Florida if you are near or want to. Perhaps you do this often, perhaps not. I'm really just saying this to remind others of this environmental cause. Whether ya do it or not is up to you.
[I'll be hunting alongside the group at Key Largo though not necessarily a part of them cuz I'm with friends, so hey, we might bump into one another if ya go there.]

May 14 marks one of the biggest organized Lionfish Hunting times of the year (though hunting this invasive fish species is appreciated year-round).
I'm suggesting these organized groups because they usually, (or used to), include a class and gave out gear (depending where you were). I will provide links below. If not, there will be another link where to get Lionfish hunting gear.

What to bring/get:
  • Salt Water Fishing License (which can be got in FL)
  • Lionfish, or spear fishing gear. IF the group does not hand them out already, it depends which one.
  • Bathing suit/wet suit/ snorkel or scuba gear and sunscreen
What to know before even deciding to go/join:
The Lionfish has venomous spines. It is painful when stung and the effects of said venom is variable per person.

Good news:
Lionfish have no predators in these coastal waters and thus have no fear of anything going after it, they will even let you put your spear tip 3-4 inches from their head (slowly) so missing them is pretty hard and you don't have to fear those spines jabbing you. Lionfish also like to float in one spot waiting for prey so catching them is even easier because you don't have to chase or keep up with it. Like venomous Dodo birds.

If you are experienced with spear fishing, by all means use spearfishing gear with some sort of Zookeeper. If you are new to Lionfish hunting I highly encourage you just get the Lionfish hunting gear with the Zookeeper.

Has just about everything you need to know about Lionfish, hunting it, the gear, and allows you to purchase said gear as well:

The site I was using for news of the lionfish derbies is for whatever reason down, but perhaps talking to those of THIS facebook can help you figure out what group is nearest to you:

Things you may want to ask:
  • Which group is nearest to you.
  • What you will need, and what gear do they lend out during these derbies.
  • Main fishing areas shallow or deep (snorkel or scuba use).
I studied all that was most Good and found all that was most Evil.
I studied all that was most Evil and found all that was most Good.


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Re: FL Lionfish Hunting
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2016, 09:25:32 AM »
I would hunt lionfish, pythons and wild pigs.

All the fun of the hunt, plus you're doing Mother Nature a solid. Rip a lip!