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Ways People Can Help / Satanic Temple Club
« Last post by Amy-Kali on Today at 09:51:58 AM »
Hi everyone! I go to a somewhat conservative Northern California high school and I'm getting tired of Christian teachers shoving religion down students' throats. Seriously, my Calculus teacher went off on a twenty minute rant about how the education system is flawed because Christian morals aren't taught and imposed upon students.Also, there is organized prayer before school in the courtyard by the Christian Club (which is weird as none of the other religious clubs have organized such an event, even though some of them made requests to do so).  So, I was thinking about forming a Satanist Club or something (similar to the After-School Satan Club, but for teenagers). There are other religious clubs here, but they aren't very active (except for the Christian Club). So, how should I go about this? Also, have any of you experienced something similar? If so, how did you go about resolving it?
Art / Re: I had to ask... any Marilyn Manson fans out there?
« Last post by Amy-Kali on Today at 09:13:43 AM »
I enjoy Manson's music quite a lot. The messages that he intertwines in his songs are often so intricate and deep, sometimes forcing you to understand and dissect difficult aspects of life and society. I guess people fail to appreciate him as he's always seen as this guy that pre-teen goths kids listen to just to scare their fundamentalist Christian parents. My favorite songs would have to be Coma White, Coma Black, Minute of Decay, and Disassociative.
Meet And Greet / Re: I have always been interested in this.
« Last post by beatdaddio on Today at 08:40:22 AM »
It's a bit tricky because one of the fundamental elements of this religion is that you determine for yourself what is true, based on our best understanding of science.  With other religions, you can ask for guidance and there will be an endless parade of people (mostly men) who will be eager to take you under their wing and explain it all, with their own interpretations, and guide you on your path to righteousness.  In this way they steal your independent thought, distort any history that could be verified, and shut down critical analysis. Satanism (our version of it anyway) instead demands that you undertake to study the world, and what science reveals of it, and use this study to reinforce the positive morality of compassion, empathy, openness to new information, and liberation from oppression, for all people. Satanism requires that you not be led by the nose; so the guidance must come from you.

BTW I am a man, giving you my interpretation and "guidance"; so you should critique for yourself what I have said, rather than taking it at face value.  :)
Meet And Greet / Hello From Northern California!
« Last post by Amy-Kali on Today at 12:34:19 AM »
   Hello everyone! I'm Amy and I live is Northern California. I am a student at the moment, aspiring to become a surgeon one day. I was first introduced to Satanism when I was twelve years old, and it immediately sparked my interest. As I was relatively young at that time, I was unable to carry forward my interest in Satanism because of potential familial issues and academics.
   A few years after that, I got involved in Islam, through a "friend" of mine. At that time, I was not entirely sure why I "reverted" to Islam, but looking back, I think I was driven by my urge to feel accepted and understood. Those years I spent in that religion helped me learn about who I was actually, and how I should not be afraid to think differently from others. I had learned that acceptance by society usually came along with loss of individuality. Well, those years of my life have created way too many terrible memories for me, but I'm glad I could finally get in touch with myself.
   Fast forward to the present, I am here now, willing to pursue Satanism with all my heart, making twelve year old Amy proud. I'm glad I became a part of this forum, and I hope to converse and connect with you all. I shared all that background information, just in hope that I might be able to help out anyone who might be going through something similar.
I'm truly looking forward to interacting with you all, so that we can grow together as a group!
Hail Satan!
Postscript: I am not bashing Islam in any way, I just wanted to share my experience with it. There are many good Muslims out there, but I unfortunately became aquainted with the few bad ones. I am not condoning any kind of Anti-Muslim rhetoric.
Meet And Greet / I have always been interested in this.
« Last post by JermandJer on April 26, 2017, 10:25:56 PM »
I read through what the main idea this group is and I have to say I fell in love with the whole thing. I have felt these certain things my entire life, and after reading through the tenets (Hopefully I interpreted them right) it felt like I was reading my own thoughts. I am new to all this and I still have many questions, but I am completely interested and want to learn more, but I need some guidance.
FWIW I also haven't been accepted to the main national group on FB, I've only been accepted to my local group.

The "people in charge" almost never visit this forum, so I wouldn't be surprised if they don't respond much on FB either.  The local group wouldn't have connected me on FB if I hadn't met with them in person.
Since this threat is active I'll take advantage of it to ask Lilith201 since you are a senior member why I have not been accepted in facebook to any of the TST groups?
When is warfare murder? When is meat-eating murder? When is the death penalty murder? When is a police shooting of a civilian murder? When are drone strikes murder? When is systemic cultural oppression, leading to deaths, murder? When is a violent revolution murder? When is dancehall toasting murder? Interesting article here:

I, for one, cannot WAIT until Trump gets this economy going for us again by bringing jobs back HERE where they belong, builds that MUCH-needed wall that should have been built decades ago, and invigorates in American women the importance of traditional, nuclear families (I never take it for granted that I was raised in one). Hail Satan, Hail Milo, Hail Trump!

Looks like a troll to me.
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