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Philosophical Discussion / Re: Satan Is Real - And She Wears A Hijab
« Last post by samowens84 on Today at 02:25:54 AM »
Put the blame where it truly belongs, or you're just another idiot.

"The devil made me do it has long been a stock aliby."

People like to blame their medicine, their parents, their religion, and yes, even the devil. Ironic the thread names Islam the devil, and blames it for an individual's choice to confront and murder his roommates. He did it, not Islam or any other devil you could name. And like Clovenmischief said about other instances, how do we know that he didnt already have personal issues with his roommates, and why should we assume that the newspaper provided an accurate context for what happened? Ive known people whove been the subject of newspaper stories, and the facts rarely match the newspaper context. Stories reflect the audience, not the truth, whatever that may be.
Philosophical Discussion / Re: Satan Is Real - And She Wears A Hijab
« Last post by ClovenMischief on May 23, 2017, 10:10:17 PM »
1) The boy who killed his roommates I could not get enough information on. But Samowens is right, White Supremacy teachings are not for the stable minded. They bend the mind to an apathetic monster. I couldn't get enough info to be able to tell if they were actually Aryan OR Neo-Natzi because those notably tend to fall on the violent intentions teachings and such. I believe the kid was messed up. Not that this defends any party, just saying it isn't Black and White, but it's not to be complacent about either. Put the blame where it truly belongs, or you're just another idiot.

As for Manchester.
2) Knowing ISIS intimately (and to what they said about the bombing) there's a high chance It probably wasn't ISIS, and Isis just took credit for it (and tried to dress it up as something bigger) like they did the Orlando Shooting. I'm not saying this to defend Isis, I'm saying this so you know that Isis isn't as successful in outside attack strategies as you think. They are at a publicity war with other Islamic Terrorist groups so stamping their name on it first is kind of who wins the cards sort of game. ISIS is so popular at this point that even suicide killers like the Orlando Shooting guy used ISIS as an excuse when it really wasn't (all he had was daddy issues, but that's not as manly as blaming ISIS. lol ). So ISIS doesn't even have to fight for their publicity most times.

3) Tying in from point 2. Isis isn't after Americans or any other country. They try publicity stunts to keep their hype going but they are really after the SHIA Muslims. After the US left the giant gaping hole to fill up when they retracted their troops, the Shia muslims of the area, now outnumbering the others, began really hurting and degrading the other types of muslims for some reason. The Victims are what rose to create ISIS. It is their personal mantras, "I am ISIS for my Mother and Sisters whom I was forced to lay witness to their rapes by the Shia. I am ISIS for the beating to death of my Father by the Shia. I am the will and might of ISIS! We will show the Shia the same mercy!" And it goes on and on. The media has, for some reason, portrayed that ISIS is against infidels (everyone NOT muslim) like the Taliban and their message was. That is not true, they are against Shia. Hitting elsewhere is just bonus and adds to their publicity whether strategic or not. Like the Orlando Shooting and Manchester Bombing were nonstrategic.
This is from their own mouths, the soldiers and the radical fanatics I deal with. SO to say and think they are out to get YOU. That's incorrect, you and anybody who's not Muslim ain't that special. Even the Government's people of our Defense who have fought against ISIS with the President (who was Obama at the time, though they worked with Bush too) have relaid this to me and many others whom they spoke to (they talk at Colleges and Universities, catch them when you can it's very enlightening). Where were posts in light of the terror attack during Muslim's Ramadan? No one cared because they were targeting Shia? Or any of the NUMEROUS attacks that have gone completely unnoticed by media because they are hitting "other Muslims?" You'd think they'd jump on the subject of "friendly fire."

4) The East Countries have radicalized Islamics the most because Muslims are oppressed by laws specifically targeted at them because of the country's terror of ISIS. Outlawing Burkini's at beaches and Niqab two well known ones. It seems worse to them because it's as if they are targeting their women, their mothers and sisters and that feels like an underhanded move to them so they say. They are getting angry, and they look more intently to the Quran for help to ease their "suffering emotions" suddenly understanding passages they passed over in ignorance before. *eyeroll* Basically don't take their shit and they wont have reason to do shit. haha

Take their religion away and they'll have martyrs, bomb and hurt them and they have reason to fester their hatred into war. Isis is afterall, a war of Muslims fighting Shia Muslims. These attacks on the outside are just publicity stunts, but for the most part their attacks have targeted other Muslims.
So far the best way has been teaching them from within, infiltrating the people. Muslims aren't as organized as you think, but they do keep in touch with one another on other mediums. I know, I've been infiltrating for years. I do as they do, wear what they wear, alert the FBI to who I can, ect. I am quite literally the Devil in Hijab amongst them, poisoning them from within.
They don't go to Church every Sunday (Mosques are houses of prayer and mostly nothing else), they don't have Wednesday youth activity nights, when they go to their mosques to pray they do their business and then leave often without socializing with anyone. It is a personal religion that is maintained by the individual, not even a family unit, I mean literally every person is responsible for their own faith and practice of that faith. They teach their children up to a certain point but when those kids are mature enough those kids are on their own spiritually. They take care of their own, on their own. These sheep are not a threat they are just stupid people bending over 5 times a day to an imaginary God.

The US Muslims have no stone to throw. Thankfully the radicals can't help but stick out and they are easy to hit and take down, but for the most part Islam is no bigger a threat with the same harmful religious rules and such than Christianity. The level of Violence called for even in present day is equal in both the Quran and the Bible.

So what are we to do with them? We don't do anything with them in America. The majority are harmless, just like Christians (even though I equally loathe both), the majority simply go with the flow and follow a comfortable amount of rules they can remember and live by just like your average Jesus-freak. Most of them don't even realize there is a call to violence in the Quran because that part of the text they just don't focus on. They focus on the day-to-day and hour-by-hour stuff for themselves, the rest of the text is just boring history they don't really pay attention to. We simply enlighten them to being more aware of what they are studying, the contradictions, and we make sure they are alert to their "community" so that the radicals are ratted out.
Philosophical Discussion / Re: Satan Is Real - And She Wears A Hijab
« Last post by samowens84 on May 23, 2017, 04:28:39 PM »
Either Islam is to blame for the former neo-nazi killing his roommates, or he was already a violent unstable person. Neo-nazis are not known for their peaceful ways. I think he just suddenly found himself at odds with his roommates who may have been equally unstable. Call me cruel, but I think its kind of funny, assuming no one else got hurt lol.
Florida Chapters / Re: Jacksonville Chapter?
« Last post by Hef on May 23, 2017, 02:09:26 PM »
Hello Satanists of the Jacksonville area!

It seems we are disconnected in this part of Florida. Although there is nothing wrong with that; I believe we should revive this topic. To the extent of my knowledge, I do believe there is NO Jacksonville chapter for The Satanic Temple. However, this does not mean we should sit around and wait for it. If you are near the area of Jacksonville feel free to reply with why it is you seek a chapter, the distance between you and Jacksonville and perhaps your age.

I seek individuals who seek both reason and progress, conversations shared with those who share similar views, and changes made to our communities which strive for the betterment of liberty.
I am 20 years old and about 30-40 minutes out of Downtown Jacksonville.
Philosophical Discussion / Satan Is Real - And She Wears A Hijab
« Last post by Maha Kali on May 23, 2017, 12:41:54 PM »
A few days ago, I was lucky enough to see one of death metal's most legendary - and incendiary - acts, Deicide. No, This isn't a concert review; I know that the majority of people here couldn't care less about extreme metal (although they absolutely slayed and are as brutal as they ever were). However, I had something I wanted to ask Glen Benton after the show and luckily I caught up with him for a brief moment. My question was: why do death metal and black metal bands only attack Christianity? Why not Islam? Why not Judaism? His answer was at first glance shocking, but once it sunk in, it ALMOST made sense...almost. No, who am I kidding? It made NO FUCKING SENSE AT ALL.

I was expecting Glen to say something like, "Well, you know, if I attacked Islam or the prophet Muhammad, then we'd have some crazy jihadist come blow up a show or something," or perhaps, "well, I attack Christianity because it's the dominant religion here in the USA, while Judaism and Islam are much less prevalent and influential." But he said neither of these things. He said something I was honestly shocked to hear, although I feigned agreement because, let's face it, if you're familiar with who Benton is, you probably wouldn't want to piss him off face to face. He said something to the effect of the following:

"Well, you know, because it would be racist; it would be like ripping on the Jews; and one thing I do when it comes to Deicide's lyrics is I keep racism and politics out of the message."

Yes, you heard that correctly. Even one of the most notorious blasphemers in the history of blasphemy has become "tolerant" of Islam. Either that, or he's faking it because, let's face it -- Islam, whether you are willing to admit it or not, is one of the most dangerous threats to our way of life and our VERY lives in this day and age, and Glen, knowing that as much as anyone else who has common sense, is not willing to risk the lives of his very fans and band-members simply to prove how "brutally honest, in-your-face, and anti-PC/anti-establishment" he is. As someone who's been following Deicide for about 15 years, I'm going to give Glen the benefit of the doubt and go with the latter.

Oh, and I almost forgot something else. Glen, like many who fall victim to the liberal media today, seems to be under the impression that Islam is a race. Sorry Glen, but you're wrong there. Why, all you have to do is take a look at this article

(  )

about one of the ardent followers of the "religion of peace" -- who HAPPENS TO BE CAUCASIAN -- and read about how he murdered his roommates for disrespecting his Muslim faith. The poisonous, volatile and bloodthirsty rhetoric of Islam's message knows no ethnicity and can seep into any demographic; any ethnicity; any community; any race -- and that is what makes it so utterly dangerous. But the Satanic Beast that is Islam is a double-edged sword: on one side you have of course the Quran, which contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule. But today, they have a secret weapon -- the mainstream media, politically correct culture, and the liberal, leftist demands for "tolerance" for this barbaric and murderous ideology and its loyal acolytes. Allowing these people with dubious intentions to flood through a nation's borders is one of the KEY contributors to horrific attacks like the recent ISIS-sponsored/Islam-inspired bombing in Manchester which massacred at least a dozen children under 12 in a final death toll of at least 22. And this recent politically inspired/media-manifested "cult of tolerance" which protects it (Islam) has BLOOD on its hands because it allows these people to openly practice their hate-filled ideology and radicalize vulnerable young people with no sense of direction. If SOMETHING about this is not done here in the USA; something drastic, then these attacks will do nothing but proliferate until they start happening HERE. For more on how "being nice to EVERYone (liberal "tolerance") is, in effect, being nice to NO one (fostering an environment where kids can get ruthlessly blown up by religious zealots without them having to even break a sweat) please refer to the following video...and hope that the "Orange One," no matter how antithetical some of his policies may be to the agenda of TST, recognizes this latest horror as yet another justifiable reason to make this great (and for now, somewhat safe) nation of ours as inhospitable to the Muslim faith as humanly possible.

I didn't see what gender and race had to do with it either way. Which was my point. Basic commonplace laws take care of this. "Hit someone, recipient may cause punishment to attacker if recipient chooses to." Putting race or gender to it is a personal problem/issue.
What happens if we remove gender and race from the situation?
I never said it was political. But the use of violence should be a central moral question for any religion. Christian's say "turn the other cheek" but also "an eye for an eye." Shouldn't Satanism have some protocol for what constitutes justifiable violence within the edicts of Satanism? TST is still a religion, isn't it? Or are you still going to try and convince me it's just a political activist movement with the term "Satan" plastered on for fun?

And now that you bring it up, I would have a LOT of questions for Lucian but I don't know how to contact him and am not even sure if he'd have the time or interest to entertain my inquest anyway.

AS for what this has to do with TST; I'll be honest. I wish I could find more news that did, but racism seems to be the hot button issue of the day and it seems to dominate the headlines EVERY time I read the news. I am trying to make a bigger point here believe it or not. Even though all the headlines SEEM to attempt to admonish racism by being sympathetic to minorities, what they don't realize is the more they continually infuse headlines with ANYthing about race, particularly with their charged language, then the more racism will be perpetuated, and that isn't just my opinion, but the opinion of Morgan Freeman -- he was asked in an interview "How do we put a stop to racism?" His reply was the wisest I've heard from anyone: "Stop talking about it."

Yeh yeh I'm a hypocrit because I"m talking about it too, but I"m not the one writing these articles in the first place. Don't shoot the messenger.

And alas, RIP Shekelburg :<.....he didn't last long here (banned)...apparently Jew jokes are "over the line" here, but I had to find out where the line was...
Yet again, Jewpanese Shekelberg tries to sell us something that has nothing to do with TST. Why even want our opinion? None of us speak for the whole of TST anyway. You have so many questions why don't you just contact Lucien Greaves or something and set up an interview of all this mundane shit you keep pulling up.

Who cares? Who cares if he was praised? Who cares if he was booed? You attack someone, you can get punished. Male to female or female to male. If the recipient of the attack decides to press charges, then they have every right to. It's not rocket science. This is basic law sense, this has nothing to do with politics either.
The headline of this article leaves no doubt about the author's opinion of this situation as well as the stance taken by whatever publication it first appeared in.

If you don't wish to read the article I can sum it up succinctly as the events are very simple: a black man slapped a white woman in the face for calling him the "N" word.

Where I come from, a man who physically assaults a woman without being in fear for his life has no honor, and is nothing but a coward. In my "racist" opinion, he should be judicially processed for assault the same as anyone else.

 I am genuinely curious as to what other people think about this situation -- was the guy justified in his actions? Did the lady have it coming? Should there be exceptions such as the one presented here where it's OK to break the law and turn to violence? If so, when?

 I can't imagine The Satanic Temple as an ORGANIZATION endorsing violence for any reason (with the exception of self-defense, of course) since it would just give the religious right more ammunition to use against it; they would be able to say: "Look at those barbaric devil-worshipers, they advocate physical violence, I bet they really DO sacrifice children to the Devil!"..........of course, that doesn't mean that individual members can't have their own opinions about when the use of violence could be morally, what do you think? what would you do?
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