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I agreed and disagreed because I do believe what cloven is saying to an extent, but I also believe that these symbols are a symbol of remembrance and power, and that they are temporary / arbitrary. I just don't think they should be used as an oppression piece. I was simply saying that an insignia can have power and purpose while not being a deification artifact.

Satanic Panic / Re: Day Job and Fear of Backlash
« on: May 15, 2017, 06:17:41 PM »
I know this is a bit of a necro post, but I just joined today. Friends and family I dont care about finding out, I have an upside down cross tattooed on me that I've had for nearly 8 years; but it has a bit of an atheistic metaphorical meaning given the context of the Latin I chose to go with it, but I own a fairly new and budding software company. I started out making apps on my own, and it grew as the demand did, and I must admit that, despite my fairly incognito status as a company owner, the idea of a company owned by a Satanist being public knowledge does feel pretty daunting. I'm fairly secure though, my name and company is pretty small right now, and I've had all links with my name in it removed so far. If it weren't for fear of losing potential business opportunities as an owner, I wouldn't care at all.

A lot of my fellow workers are surprised to see my tattoos out of my normal work attire.

Community Forums Feedback / Re: How do you start a chapter?
« on: May 15, 2017, 05:02:41 PM »
From my understanding, you just need to garner some members and plan activities. If you start gaining attention for your deeds, it will be recognized. Where are you from?

Fun / Re: TST app
« on: May 15, 2017, 04:54:10 PM »
Well it would be a slow process all around, even when I launch the beta, garnering users would be pretty rough without some sort of shout outs. I imagine Facebook would be the best bet. I dont know if Lucien or anyone of the sort would put a word out about it, but who knows?

Reading over everyone's ideas for it, it seems like the main desired features would be a chat platform, a newsletter, a shop for selling merchandise, and an activity board, as well as user privacy. While its not undoable, it will be a little challenging. Especially if it were to take off. The biggest issue I see is a way to incorporate all of this into one platform. Well that and paying for server time and regular maintenance; I.e patches, updates, and bugs. Seeing as we are an activist group, privacy is a big issue, but this also opens of the issue of people joining purely to spy. This is easily fixable by having a "proven" member vouch for newcomers, or by checking with TST main sites for authorized members. That would take some cooperation, but I dont see any issues like that cropping up for a while.

As for users wanting to sell goods, I won't be able to incorporate a store into the app itself, but what I could do is make an advertisement corner for sellers to promote their wares and have reviews and ratings by seller. Whether they are a scam or trusted would be displayed, but the actual selling would need to be from a different platform. The chat function would be similar to Facebook messenger or possibly the one you mentioned (never heard of it, I'll have to check it out) but a global chat forum just wouldn't work. It would bog the app and its functionality. It would have to be broken down via interests or topics. All in all, it can be done. I can't make any promises on the speed of which it will come about, but I will do a beta without the store function and see how well it takes off. I'll cover the initial server fees and startup, but if it takes off, on going funding will need to be via donations, and possibly (I dont know how this may be received or how it will be feasible) a small advertising fee through the store side of the app.

I want the app to be purely a TST app, in name and spirit, if its okay with Lucien. However, I wish it to remain in the spirit of this forum by not excluding other Satanist.

I agree completely. Time goes on and everything corrupts and twists in meaning, even decays. I'm just saying that to discard someone elses insignias or forms of power as trash and junk kind of go against the Tenets. People need symbolism no matter how farcical and benign they seem, and to discard it as trash when someone openly fought and died under that insignia, well it seems unjustified. I do agree with you though, I'm simply responding in the spirit of open mind.

Meet And Greet / Re: Hello from Cincinnati, OH!
« on: May 15, 2017, 03:02:50 PM »
Slightly south of Columbus here. Just joined and immediately looked for a local chapter, so this thread was a nice find. Has anyone had any luck yet? I dont have a Facebook for the record, I dont like my data being cultivated and stored.

Fun / Re: TST app
« on: May 15, 2017, 02:20:30 PM »
If you guys make a list of functions you would like, I could create it myself. I actually already make apps and what not for phones with a company I own. However, I couldn't do this through my company, it would have to he a side project on my off time. But id be more than happy to do so if you compile a list of functions. I could take a few of my base platforms and encode it into something. I had a few chat apps I was developing that I scrapped when whatsapp and kik came along.

Meet And Greet / Re: New TST member from Ohio
« on: May 15, 2017, 02:08:29 PM »
Thanks for the reply, and I see. I did a good deal of research before joining, including reading the FAQ and looking for local chapters (closest for me is in Detroit.) I joined because I thought it was a metaphorical expression much like your FAQ, and what your reply, has said. My error was not realizing that this board was a modicum for all Satanism. I read quite a few posts before making this post, and I was a little confused. Your response, and a little deduction, has cleared it all up. Seems like I'm in the right place after all.

I kind of agree with what you're saying, but for one slight difference. Insignias matter. Its what people use to idolize their goals, to put stock in a movement, you need a mascot. The confederates fought to keep the south the way it was and had been. I realize this causes discrimination on everyone who lived in the south, and that most of the confederates fought simply to protect their fellow confederates and family back home. But that insignia was their source of power, just like the Baphomet and the veterans monument are sources of power and meaning. It may be a farce of sorts, but it still has meaning. 

Is Maha Kali really trolling? It seems to me that they just simply missed the implication of the questions. I'm new here, so maybe I just haven't seen enough of the trolls, but either way the responses of Kali were pretty out of line. 

Meet And Greet / New TST member from Ohio
« on: May 15, 2017, 01:18:56 PM »
As the subject line says, I'm a new member as of an hour ago. The decision to join wasn't an idle one, although it was guided by a rather unique coincidence. I've always always been firmly an atheist, but one that has seen the need for religion for the masses. I've always held firmly to progression of self knowledge and better treatment of my fellow people through fair and justifiable action. I feel like most religions, however, are in your face with lies and always claim to be the one true religion.

After stumbling upon The Satanic Temple, I've finally felt like I actually belong, and I highly believe in your agendas and Tenets, even before seeing your Tenets. However, even after a good deal of research on my part, I'm not entirely sure whether The Satanic Temple actually believes in Satan as a deity, or the idea of Satan as a deity. If its the former, I fear I've joined a little to quickly, for I do not prescribe to any sort of notions of any of these mythical beings presences, and I will gladly revoke my membership. If Satan is used metaphorically as a means to attain a greater freedom from the oppressive nature of religions as a whole, then I will gladly sell my soul for your cause.

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