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Meet And Greet / New TST member from Ohio
« on: May 15, 2017, 01:18:56 PM »
As the subject line says, I'm a new member as of an hour ago. The decision to join wasn't an idle one, although it was guided by a rather unique coincidence. I've always always been firmly an atheist, but one that has seen the need for religion for the masses. I've always held firmly to progression of self knowledge and better treatment of my fellow people through fair and justifiable action. I feel like most religions, however, are in your face with lies and always claim to be the one true religion.

After stumbling upon The Satanic Temple, I've finally felt like I actually belong, and I highly believe in your agendas and Tenets, even before seeing your Tenets. However, even after a good deal of research on my part, I'm not entirely sure whether The Satanic Temple actually believes in Satan as a deity, or the idea of Satan as a deity. If its the former, I fear I've joined a little to quickly, for I do not prescribe to any sort of notions of any of these mythical beings presences, and I will gladly revoke my membership. If Satan is used metaphorically as a means to attain a greater freedom from the oppressive nature of religions as a whole, then I will gladly sell my soul for your cause.

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