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Chicago Chapter / Chapter Forming - Feedback from National Council
« on: September 10, 2016, 08:38:59 AM »
We're unofficially but officially...  known to be starting this chapter as of meow ~9/2016.  I think what the national council wants is to have a strong demon-stration that the people are serious about this.  I've been in the application process for what i think is over a year now and getting feedback a gray "go".

I've started a Facebook Group (working on Graphics) here:

I'd rally there for now.  Also there's a couple other spots i'm recruiting and admin.

The national org is really pushing for the Satanic after school programs.  I wouldn't think this is an "inaugural event" but there's that and I've been (even outside of TST) having a "Mark of the Beast" party as a few months ago i bought about 400 injectable RFID's (and have one in my hand). 

The idea is such an event cause does need to root in TST tenets.


If you know/get to know me i have a bagillion things going on.  I'm preparing a federal filing to fight for plural marriage with a civil rights attorney, i have a son; a 6 month old fucking PIG you may have seen wandering around the city (an all black guinea hog), i'm in the process of finding a distribution warehouse for Satanic/art space/home for my pig, working on wicked/vile patents, have a day job (electrical engineer), using people on upwork to get a lot of technical stuff done like websites and graphic design, getting bonded titles for my two Satanic Cushman/Westcoaster Mailsters, own 2 RV's in Nevada and run a small business kinda sorta with that...  Lately i've been designing things to restrain my son so he doesn't destroy the apartment. 

I'm ALSO LOOKING FOR ROOMMATES.  RENT IS CHEAP at at Western and Chicago in a desirable spot.  If you don't know or heard of it, I'm THIS GUY and have had this out for months.  Oh... the mess... the mess...

- Happy Endings

If we get chapters overseas in like say... Syria, i think this is a way people can apply for Green Cards as a religious worker.

I'm not even sure if there has to be "chapters" overseas but just people being ministers and backed?

"They're bringing in Satanic Syrians!!!"

Notable current issues and proposed campaigns / Mobile Abortion center
« on: December 13, 2015, 01:31:56 PM »
Wacky idea:

There's licensed mobile health clinics right?  So why couldn't there be a mobile abortion clinic?  I'm sure the rig would get stalked but maybe if followed "protesters" could then be charged with harassment?  Maybe this is a way to get around limitations of access however obviously has zoning and code issues (can this procedure be done in a mobile clinic)?

Set up the clinic in a patients or authorized (friend, relative, partner health clinic, planned parenthood supporters driveway)?  I don't know what licensing is necessary for providing an abortion service above a common health clinic or if it's just a doctor specialty?

I wonder if anyone at Planned Parenthood has really considered this?  Maybe it's a security issue?  Reach out to other orgs folks!

Satanic Panic / Wikipedia: A diatribe against Satanism
« on: December 12, 2015, 09:01:17 AM »
Pulled from a TST forum post:

They basically railroaded quite a few accounts and even revered the fucking Wikiproject Satanism back to "blank" after trying to just use it for what it is... a brainstorming space:

These accounts were created to promote the project, some just to reserve usernames for those people.  The admins attacked it with a frivolous claim of "sock/meat puppets".  I mean who on earth would sign up to help contribute to Satanic pages right?  This is absurd.  that Rklawton is the worst and obviously has his motives.  For a person of his "accreditation" you'd think he'd be a better thinker.  It's kind of dumb to make such a move.  Does anyone want their 15 minutes of fame being something like this?

So basically if someone wanted to say, give those accounts to the actual person who's name they were created for, they'd be blocked (indefinitely) from posting.  It's OBVIOUS through the original poster the initial person wasn't vandalizing pages yet was targeted so these admins are using loose guidelines to gag/censor satanic pages.  Yes, i know...  Malcom Jarry is spelled wrong but it's easily changed as Wikipedia kind of reserves "similar" usernames.  Which is funny as if one follows the claims against the original "Barfbag666" some of them are claiming said user is "just promoting the TST".  If Barfbag666 was doing that and not just generically improving Satanism articles, doesn't one think that user would know how to spell "Malcom Jarry" properly? 

Wikipedia needs major correction.

"Beliefs should conform to our best scientific understanding of the world. We should take care never to distort scientific facts to fit our beliefs."

Watch the first 25 minutes (minimum).

You'll see the problem here:

"9/11 conspiracy theories have become social phenomena, despite lack of support from expert scientists, engineers, and historians"

The current explanation is not just fictional but it's science fiction.

Note the "talk" section:

Names of 2000+ experts (including me) appear on this petition.  We are "experts".

If you read the Satanic Bible page 27 (unmarked) "The Infernal Diatribe"


di·a·tribe ˈdīəˌtrīb, noun

A forceful and bitter verbal attack against someone or something.

"a diatribe against the Roman Catholic Church"

There is a diatribe against Satanism on Wikipedia.  Wikipedia is the modern encyclopedia; in print is dead.  We cannot let "those people" write the encyclopedia based on their and their only points of view. 

The "Wikiproject: Satanism" project has been blanked out.  It's supposed to be a workspace for the group:

Wikipedia Admins are using procedural "guidelines" to block Satanic writers:

Some of those people know each other, some do not.  Some of those names were just reserved should the pen names be wanted in the future (no posts made with them).  They're gagging Satanism based on recent coordinated interest.  Note the names of those admins.


If vegan can be  on as dietary option over vegetarian (a vegan is a vegetarian) then I think Satanism should be up there as a religion right?  It's not a big deal right?  C'mon, its at the bottom anyway.  ;)

Contact the website and ask for them to add it.  For example OKC's link is:

Has any Satanic group (or any religious group) performed a mass online?  Using something like google hangouts?  Could we do one better?  I think Satanists and people that just don't know their Satanists yet would love to see and participate in one real time.

Please call it "Satanic" and try to avoid using the word Black.  Maybe call it "Satanic Internet Mass" but never just "Internet Mass".  What is happening is since most Satanic Masses  have become synonymous for "black mass" it's preventing us from getting on this site to further push back against these information strongholds pushing "The Infernal Diatribe" - Page 27  ;D

Satanic Black Mass is okay.

Ways People Can Help / Wikipedia: Menards / Hobby Lobby
« on: December 06, 2015, 01:22:22 PM »

Apologies if this comes of "political" but i think it has a relevant tie to Hobby Lobby thinking.

Do other people know how like... "pro Christmas" and nothing really else this company is?  I drove down I-290 East towards Chicago and 3 billboards (one at each sequential exit" had Christmas displays.

Menards is a privately held company similar to Hobby Lobby.  The owner has done some rather controversial things in the past like dumping hazardous waste in his personal garbage (no jail time) and note the wiki doesn't say anything about Scott Walker and said tie (gave 1.5 million to pro Scott Walker groups).  CRTL+F "Walker"

Christmas at MenardsŪ  (Trademarked)

It isn't wrong to say they can't celebrate christmas but the wikipedia page should at least talk about their relationship with Scott walker and views on Christmas in a neutral point of view way right?  It's just talking about what they're doing.

There's a few opinions that say it "doesn't add up rebuting said argument" but we can just discuss those too in a neutral point of view.

A bigger campaign (the amount of manpower is beyond the TST but we can ask for help) is make sure every corporation's page shows what major contributions and to who is stated.

Hobby Lobby:

It doesn't talk about significant donations they've made:

the headline is bad on this one.  "Hobby Lobby Funded Disgraced Fundamentalist Christian Leader Accused of Harassing Dozens of Women":

Anti Gay article:

I just shot Malcom an email on this but figured why not just post it here?   He/anyone doesn't endorse/support this either way yet.

I haven't touched this car in 11 years or could ever sell it for what I'd think it's worth.  It's specs are as follows:

  • 1977 Ford Pinto
  • ~20k miles on body, was originally grey.  Red interior is original
  • Turbocharged 2.3L inline 4 cylinder out of a Mustang SVO (Turbo Coup Computer, intercooler (i think))
  • Ford 9" "holy grail" rear axle out of a Lincoln Versailles (only ford 9" to come with stock rear disc brakes), came from Warhoops (now closed) in about 2004:
  • Custom Gauge cluser made by Oakland Technical Center (Royal Oak) campus ~2003-3004 as a student project
  • Still has the original C3 transmission limiting it's performance rather heavily  >:(

It's in Ferndale rotting not doing anyone any good:

The "highway to heaven" is a family members vehicle. Would someone want to turn the Turbo Pinto into its contrast? Pending cost I could help fund or fund in part? Just tossing this out there for ideas. It should still run/drive, motor not ceased), only has about 20k (yes 20k) miles on it, ford 9" Lincoln Versailles rear axle (4 wheel disc brakes) w/ 4.11 gears. It needs the transmission swapped to a C4 or T5 (I have a C4 with the correct bell housing), and paint. Currently it has the weak C3 so it doesn't do better than 13 on 1/4 mile runs at Milan. With the C4 it can run 9's but I don't want anyone using it for that unless promotional.

Could the TST Detroit chapter use it for publicity for a while? Maybe turn it into a Satan mobile?  It'd be amazing to see the cars side by side in a photo.  Perhaps ultimately it wouldn't be "just" a chapter/regional car but... just a thought?

This is my project in Chicago (one of two):

  • Westcoaster Mailster (old mail delivery vehicle, STREET LEGAL)
  • Eventually will be small Vtwin Diesel powered
  • Eventually will have a verticle tractor style exhaust with flapper
  • Eventually will say "HAIL SATAN" in sloppy letters on the side
  • Eventually will tow around a 200-300 lb pig

I'll sneak this in here... I'm thinking welding a pill style dirty looking grill on the side to make it look like while hauling around the pig it's going to a family BBQ.


be sure to help on the wikiproject too:

-Happy Endings


A "hate" crime should be the actual content tagged and not assumed the church was specifically targeted.  If one graffiti vandal is obviously targeting specific churches or whatnot, maybe.

Just because someone incidentally thinks a church wall over a Walmart is a better spot for putting "Bob Luvs Randy" why is that a felony whereas the Walmart would be likely a misdemeanor?

Should an incidental attack on "God's House" be more of a crime than an attack on Ronald McDonald's house?

It's the best insurance money can buy.

We should start a campaign to have one stocked or know a friend that has one.  Perhaps even let people know if they contact the TST locally we can help get you one without being feeling like the pharmacist is judging you?  I have no clue if that would put us in a legal issue though however it's available without a prescription from what i gather so wouldn't it be on the same level as giving someone asperin if they asked?  Could we potentially reach out to that morning after pill vendor on a for a discount period/promotion if we help them advertise it for a period of time?  Some women might not know how to get this pill, not know how, not know it's available, or be embarrassed to go to the pharmacy to buy it.

OH YEAH... Then update the WIKIPEDIA (the TST page, abortion pages, and morning after pill pages)

I hear this one is a lot cheaper than at a pharmacy/retail (i think $30-40):

$25 shipped... or get this a 3 PACK for $65 shipped!!!

Be safe, use protection, and birth control.  As the box says though "accidents happen".  Perhaps even worse a friend was raped?  :-\    It's somewhat interesting it's blocked out in the photo but kind of compassionately visable when one first opens the box.

Ways People Can Help / Wikipedia: Sammy Davis Jr.
« on: December 04, 2015, 06:36:37 PM »
We're once again being censored.  It's kind of significant to satanism that there's no note about Sammy's openly satanic claim... it's just... missing.

Wikipedia needs more writers to correct this stuff... everyone can chip in but BE CIVIL, and be sure to cite EVERYTHING you claim.

Has a self identified Satanist ever been invited to the White House?  Maybe we could start a petition?

Maybe we could at least get a photo (not permanent) of Baphomet perching on the White House lawn?  Perhaps Baphomet is a separate petition?

If we get 150 signatures the rule is the petition goes "public".  If we get 100,000 by so many days, the White House / Administration is supposed to reply to it.  That would be an awesome response or let alone either makes it.

Ways People Can Help / Wikipedia: Lucien Greaves
« on: November 30, 2015, 11:02:02 PM »
I've started this but kind of tired and could use someone to take it.  It's probably "enough" to get approved and not immediately removed from an active article.  With a stroke of luck, it'd be fun if "those people" would finish it for us.

What i did was take another Wikipedia article (Anton LaVey) and just cut some stuff up a bit (Edit, copy format)

Ones i plan on drafting (it'd be nice if someone could take them):

Malcom Jerry
Jex Blackmoore
Unmothering, Edits to add this to Abortion related articles
Pink Mass, add it back into Fred Phelps biography
The Satanic Temple (dedicated Wiki)

I'm tired and a friend is almost here and wants to get laid.  You can't give me a hand in person, but you can give one on wiki.

Ways People Can Help / TST on TOR hidden services
« on: November 29, 2015, 10:19:53 PM »
Anyone have experience setting up a hidden service .onion site?  Maybe it'd be cool to get the TST on TOR?

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